National Cotton Council of America - The National Cotton Council of America's
mission is to ensure the ability of all U.S. cotton industry segments to compete effectively
and profitably in the raw cotton, oilseed and U.S.-manufactured product markets at home
and abroad.
City of Maricopa - The City of Maricopa is Arizona's newest
incorporated city and one of the fastest growing communities in the
US.  A vision of leadership is helping to make Maricopa a great place
to live.
Dennis Prager - An intelligent discourse on life, politics and religion. A modern
day guru for strong convictions.
Community of Hope - A growing community outreach for Christ.  Sunday
mornings are a place where authentic people worship a real God through
passionate music, drama, video, and dance.
Julie Murphee - A great writer.  An even better sister.  Part of the Mutual
Admiration Club.  
Check out her new and her blog.
Cotton Incorporated - roviding the resources and research needed to help
companies develop and market superior, innovative, and profitable cotton
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